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How to change your company details

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to change your company details in the JShipper system

First you need to log into your affiliate account. Once you have logged in, click the Change your company details button on the far left and you will be taken to the following screen:


Changing your Main company details

Under Main Company Details you have multiple text fields. Update these as you see fit with your information. Once you have added/amended the required details, simply click the Submit button.

Changing your Company logo

To change your company logo, click Choose file, find the image you want to use as your logo on your computer and select it. Once you have selected the correct image, click the Upload button.
Once the image has uploaded, your logo will be displayed under the Current logo area.

Changing your website details

The Website address (URL) field contains your current linked website. Only change this if you have changed your domain name or are linking your account to a different website.

If you do change this field, double check you have entered the correct URL and click Submit to change it.

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