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How to manage your orders

This tutorial will teach you how to manage your prestashop orders

Click here to see the video tutorial.

The "Orders" tab enables you to see all of the information about all the purchases from your store. All of your store's transactions are available there, organized by date (by default, it is set to sort from newest to oldest).


You can filter the results and easily find the orders you're looking for by using the fields above. 

Viewing Order Details
In order to process the orders you receive, you have to view the information they contain.
Click on the line containing the order, or click on the button to the right of the order.


This summary of the order gives you access to:

  • The status and history of the order.
  • The carrier information, total weight of order and carrier chosen by the customer.
  • The method of payment that was used, the cost of the products, and the shipping costs.
  • Various details on the ordered products.

In the "Shipping address" of the page, you can see a "G" icon: the enables you to use Google Maps to locate the address on a map.

Sending a message to your customer
In the "New Message" section, at the bottom of the page, you can send a message to your customer to give him information concerning the order, a delay, a surprise, or keep him informed on offers and specials. 


You can send a message by writing it in the message box.

Pre-written message can be saved and used multiple times, saving you the hassle of writing them over and over again. If you would like to send one of these messages, select it from the drop-down menu. You can add further details to the pre-written message if needed

In both of these cases, once your message is ready, click "Send". Your customer will receive your message in their inbox (the one indicated in their account).

Each time an order from your store is validated, an invoice is sent out to the customer. If there are no problems, the order status will read "OK" or "Payment accepted." You can download it directly from the order summary by clicking the "Invoice" section in the top right-hand corner of the page.

The customer will be able to access the invoice by going to there account.

Printing Invoices
If you want to print several invoices at the same time, head to the sub-tab "Invoices" under the "Orders" tab. The invoice interface will appear.


In order to print several invoices, fill in the date range in the "From" and "To" fields in the "Print PDF invoices" section and create PDFs by clicking on "Generate PDF file."

In the second section "Invoice Options", you can choose whether or not invoices should be printed as soon as the order is made, as well as the Invoice Prefix and the invoice number you want listed on the printed version of the invoice.

When your customers ask for their invoices, you can redirect them to the Order History section of their user accounts, which keeps all of their invoices available for them.


Delivery Slips
Printing a delivery slip is exactly like printing an invoice. Select the dates, as well as the options you would like, and then confirm them to create your documents.

Merchandise Returns
Under the "Merchandise Returns" tab, you have the possibility of allowing customers to send products back to you.

Click on the tab and a form will appear. Select your choice, the time of validity, and save.


Once you have activated this option in your Back Office, the customer can choose to return an item. In order to do this, he must do the following:

Access the Orders History section of his account.
Select the order from which he wants to return an item.
Select the product(s) that he wishes to return by checking the box next to its name(s).
(optional) Add an explanation, in order for the store to understand why the item is being returned.
Once the form is complete, the customer clicks on "Make an RMA slip", and the request is sent to you.

A list of returns will appear in your Back Office.


  • Click on the name of the return to see more details.
  • Change the status to continue with the return process.

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