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How to add a product

In this tutorial we will show you how to add a product to Prestashop

Click here to see the video tutorial.

The first section contains the essential information about the product.

The first thing to complete is the product name. This is what will appear in the search results. 


If you do not want this product to be immediately available on your site, check the box that says "Disabled".

The "Manufacturer" field lets you to enter the name of the manufacturer of the product. This is an optional field.
Click "Create" next to the Manufacturer field to add a new manufacturer, or select from the drop-down menu which one to associate with this product.

You can add information to better manage your item listing in the "Reference", "Supplier Reference", "EAN13 or JAN", "UPC" or "Location" fields.

You can also indicate the size of the final package.

Finally, add the weight in order to properly calculate the shipping cost of your customer's orders

Setting the Price of a Product
The pricing section can be quite intimidating, with fields influencing each other and taxes to take into account.


Set the price that will appear in your store by following the instructions below:

  • Pre-tax wholesale price. Enables you to instantly know your wholesale, factory price, and thus compare it to your selling price in order to easily calculate your profit.

  • Pre-tax retail price. The price of your product before taxes.

  • Tax rule. The tax applicable to the product. Choose between the different rates available. 

  • Retail Price with tax. Displays the price of the product with taxes included. You can edit this value, and it will automatically update the "Pre-tax retail price" field according to the tax rule that you chose.

  • Unit price with tax. Enables you to conform to local legislations that require products to be displayed with their unit price. 
  • Display "on sale" icon. Check that box to show that your product is on sale, both on the product page and in the text on the product listing. An "On sale" icon will appear under the product.

The final retail price, including the discount taken, will update as you type.

Product Availability
This section enables you to manage the availability of your products.


  • Initial stock. Represents the number of products available. If at this point you have already organized your products attributes and variations (i.e. colors, sizes, etc.), this field will combine all of the quantities of these variations.

  • Minimum quantity. The minimum number of item that the customer can buy. If set to 1, there is no minimum quantity.

  • Additional shipping cost. Enables you to add a per-product shipping cost to the final order.

  • Displayed text when in-stock. Enables you to display a message to your visitors when your product is in stock.

Adding a Product Description
Describing your product well is essential, both for the customer (the more information, the better) and search engines (it will help your shop appear in more search requests).


These two fields are here to fill out your product's description.

The first field enables you to write a short description that will appear in search engines and in the category description for your product. This field is limited to 400 characters, and can only be written in plain text.

In the second field, you can write a full description of your product, which will appear directly on the product page. The text editor offers a wide range of options for your descriptions (font, size, text color, etc.).

In the "tags" field, add some terms and keywords that will help your customers easily find what they are looking for.

The "accessories" field gives you the option of choosing relevant products to associate with this product. 

Once you have filled out all this information save your work by clicking on "Save," after which you will be sent to your catalog's home page or by clicking on "Save and Stay" to continue working on your product's presentation When you have saved your work with "save and stay", some new options will be displayed in the following tabs: "Combinations", "Features", "Customization", "Discounts", "Attachments."

Configuring the Product Image
The second tab, "2. Images", is for including photos on your product page.


  • To add one or more images to your product click the "Browse" button and then select a photo from your computer to upload.

  • Write a file name in the "Caption" field once you have uploaded the image.

  • Check the box that says "Cover" if you want this uploaded image to be used as the default image, and appear automatically on the product page of your shop.

Once you have uploaded several images, you can choose to modify the image order by clicking on the arrows in the "position" column and select a different cover image by clicking on the icons under the "cover image" column 

Configuring Product Features
The fifth tab, named "Features" is where you specify your products' features. When you create features and values, you assign them to the products when it is appropriate. This means that you do not have to fill out the features fields for each of your products but instead simply fill in the necessary values and apply them later.


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